San Antonio Haunted Hotels

San Antonio Haunted Hotels Are A Ghost-Hunters Dream

Lady crawls through blood after the stabbing in room 810 at the Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel.

San Antonio Haunted Hotels are the perfect destination for an unforgettable ghost-hunting experience. Visitors have reported numerous supernatural occurrences in these hotels, so if you’re looking for a real fright, these are the places for you! San Antonio’s Haunted Hotels is the perfect option. The Haunted Hotels in San Antonio will give you a remarkable experience that you won’t forget.

You can brag that you stayed in one of the spookiest spots in Texas and still have a great time. Plus, when you reserve a room in one of our haunted hotels, you can get into the paranormal scene with various ghost-hunting experiences awaiting you. The Menger Hotel 1936, one of San Antonio’s many haunted hotels, is arguably one of the most well-known in the city.

Menger Hotel 1936, another San Antonio haunted hotels, may be the most famous hotel in San Antonio.

Menger Hotel One Of The San Antonio Haunted Hotels

The Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, is not just any ordinary hotel. It is a historical landmark that has been standing tall since its construction in 1851. Initially built as a two-story wooden structure with a gabled roof, the hotel has undergone several renovations over time and now boasts of being a luxurious four-star hotel. However, the hotel’s history still lingers, and many believe that it is one of the most haunted hotels in San Antonio.

The Menger Hotel has a rich history that dates back to the days of the Butterfield Stage Route. As a stop for travelers along the route, the hotel quickly became a popular destination for weary travelers looking for a comfortable place to rest. Over time, the hotel grew in popularity and became a meeting place for many prominent citizens of San Antonio. In 1874, the San Antonio Board of Trade bought the hotel and turned it into a hub for business and politics.

The Menger Hotel has been the source of many spooky stories, from ghostly apparitions to unexplained noises. However, the hotel’s history is not just about business and politics. Over the years, many people have claimed to have experienced paranormal activities within the hotel’s walls. Some even believe that several famous people, including Theodore Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and Richard Nixon, have all encountered ghosts during their stay at the Menger Hotel.

Despite its haunted reputation, the Menger Hotel remains a popular destination for visitors to San Antonio. Its rich history and luxurious amenities make it an ideal place to stay for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience. So, if you’re planning a trip to San Antonio and looking for an adventure, why not book a room at the Menger Hotel and discover its haunted history yourself? Who knows, you might encounter a ghost or two!

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Horrific Murder At The Gunter Hotel Left Many Hauntings Behind

Newspaper clipping about the murder at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. The Haunted Gunter Hotel.

The Haunted Sheraton Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, is a historic building with a haunted reputation. The hotel has a long history dating back to 1837, and it was recognized as a US National Register of Historic Places in 2007. 

The hotel gained notoriety in 1965 when a brutal murder took place in one of its guest rooms, leaving a paranormal imprint on the property. Guests have reported feeling a chill and being watched, and two female ghosts known as Ingrid and Peggy are believed to haunt the hotel. There have been reports of furniture moving when no one is around, and employees have seen ghosts.

The hotel also has a connection to iconic blues musician Robert Johnson. Who recorded his first session at the hotel in Room 414 on November 23, 1936. Johnson’s spirit still lingers in the room, leading musician John Mellencamp to feel drawn to it during a recording session in 2009. 

One of the most infamous events to occur at the hotel was the brutal murder of Walter Emerick in Room 636 in February 1965. Albert Knox was seen coming and going with a tall woman for two days before Maria Luisa Guerra, the housekeeper, found Knox standing at the foot of the bed holding a bloody bundle. 

Knox vanished, leaving behind evidence such as lipstick-stained cigar butts and San Antonio Trunk and Gift Company luggage. The woman’s identity and body have never been found. Walter  Dennis described the bathroom as particularly gruesome, with a red ring around the bathtub as if it had been drained of blood. The Sheraton Gunter Hotel’s haunting history adds to its timeless elegance and modern amenities.

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The Emily Morgan Hotel

The Emily Morgan Hotel was once home to the Medical Arts Building, where doctors would perform lobotomies on patients suffering from mental health issues.

The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio is renowned for its haunted history, with stories of paranormal activity and ghost sightings that send shivers down the spine. Its dark past as a hospital where lobotomy was a common practice is a reminder of the brutal and inhumane treatments that were once considered acceptable in the medical world. 

Despite its past, the hotel now offers modern amenities and top-notch service. Still, for those brave enough to delve into its history, there’s no shortage of spooky stories to uncover. The hotel is said to be haunted on the seventh, ninth, and fourteenth floors, which were at one time employed as a psychiatric ward, surgery area, waiting space, and morgue. 

Guests have reported various paranormal phenomena, such as feeling something cold brush against them, lights flashing in their rooms, and apparitions of nurses pushing gurneys down the hallways. The hotel is also home to the ghostly presence of Elvira Moreno, who was tragically stabbed in room 810. 

Her spirit is said to still linger within the walls of the Emily Morgan Hotel today, making it one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. Despite the mysterious nature of these experiences, many visitors are drawn to the Emily Morgan Hotel precisely because of its haunted history.

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The Saint Anthony Hotel

Gibbs Hotel in the early days of San Antonio. It's one of the Haunted San Antonio Hotels.

San Antonio Haunted Hotels Are A Great Place To Stay

The Haunted Saint Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, is a popular destination for those seeking a thrilling and eerie experience. This legendary hotel has a rich history and was one of the first luxury hotels in the Lone Star State. Many famous figures, including Fred Astaire and John Wayne, have stayed at the hotel. Despite an extensive renovation in 2013, the hotel’s ghostly population remains unchanged, with reports of spectral sightings in the employee locker room and a female figure wearing a red dress roaming the halls of the hotel. 

The Anacacho Ballroom in the hotel is also said to be haunted, with reports of a security guard hearing the deadbolt lock and someone kicking the door. The hotel has also had its share of gruesome murders, including one in 1965 where a man checked into Room 536 under a fake name and took his own life with a .22 when cops arrived to arrest him. Even today, the fifth floor of The St. Anthony Hotel gives employees a strange feeling. Despite its eerie history, visitors can still immerse themselves in the ghostly history.

For many, the Saint Anthony Hotel is the embodiment of a haunted hotel. Visitors have reported seeing apparitions, mysterious voices, and uneasy vibes throughout the building. Whether you believe in the paranormal, the Saint Anthony Hotel has become a place of legend and intrigue. So, if you’re looking for a real ghostly experience, the Saint Anthony Hotel in San Antonio is the place to go.

Haunted Gibbs Hotel

Gibbs Hotel in the early days of San Antonio. It's one of the Haunted San Antonio Hotels.

Upon entering the Haunted Hotel Gibbs, one cannot help but be struck by its aged ambiance. After being renovated for its hotel use in 2006, many remarked on the property’s throwback feel. An engineer was impressed with the Gibbs building, remarking that it felt like a trip back in time. He noted it was a great accomplishment, filled with stories from the past. Even its aged elevators were a major point of interest, as the Haunted Gibbs Hotel was the final structure in San Antonio to have elevator operators.

Currently, the elevators are not functioning, which has led to some of the patrons expressing disbelief as they have claimed to witness a garment skirt seemingly entering the lift before the doors shut. This has aroused suspicion over the hotel’s lack of disclosure.

Guests at the hotel have reported encountering apparitions of people dressed in old-fashioned clothing in the hallways, passing through walls, and even entering their rooms. The presence of these mysterious specters is the only secret the hotel has kept hidden.

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Holiday Inn Express

One of the most famous Haunted Hotels is the Old Bexar County Jail, which has a long and dark history dating back to the 1800s.

The Holiday Inn Express does not stand out due to its five-story limestone facade. This Holiday Inn Express, however, is remarkable in its own way. Life was considerably rough during the early days of San Antonio, Texas. Native tribes, such as the Comanche and Apaches, were known to launch raids, although these mainly had subsided by the middle of the 19th century.

Additionally, outlaws like Bob Augustine (who was later hanged) posed a problem, and regular criminals, like shoplifters or those engaging in physical assaults, further added to the mayhem. 

Consequently, it was necessary to have county jails to hold them. By 1878, the jails had filled up, and an extra one was built according to the design of Alfred Giles. The Haunted Holiday Inn was a two-story property that contained twenty cells for prisoners to inhabit.

Guests of this haunted hotel often leave having experienced some strange paranormal activity, despite entering with the expectation of just another run-of-the-mill Holiday Inn. Known as the Old Bexar County Jail in the past, it was the site of Texas’ last public death by hanging. Are you willing to step inside this old jail?

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The Crockett Hotel in San Antonio Has A Dark History

The Haunted Crockett Hotel in San Antonio has a dark past, as the location of some of the bloodiest battles during the fight for Texas independence in the mid-19th century.

The Crockett Hotel in San Antonio has a dark history, having been built on the site of some of the bloodiest battles during the fight for Texas independence. Despite offering luxurious amenities today, workers and guests report being greeted by whispers, cold spots, and sightings of orbs and apparitions. Many believe that the spirits of the Alamo defenders still haunt the hotel, with the executive offices being particularly active. The hotel’s lobby, bar, and select guest rooms are said to be the most popular areas for paranormal activity. 

Objects have been known to fly off the bar top and onto the floor due to unseen forces. The elevators have a reputation for opening and closing on their own. Tests have shown that the elevators are in perfect working order. Still, a housekeeper died in 2011 after stepping into an empty elevator shaft. Visitors to the hotel may encounter the ghost of Davy Crockett or experience items being thrown around by invisible spirits. 

The Crockett Hotel was built on land that has seen a range of uses throughout history, from farmland to a settlement of Franciscan monks seeking to spread Roman Catholicism among Native Americans. However, it is most known for being the final resting place of Davy Crockett and his fellow Texians who fought in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. The Haunted Crockett Hotel remains one of the most haunted places in San Antonio due to its tragic past and restless spirits.

San Antonio  Haunted Hotels are not for the faint of heart. They all have a dark and chilling history spanning over a century, these hotels have seen their fair share of tragedy and ghostly encounters. From unexplained apparitions to disembodied voices and mysterious footsteps, guests have reported numerous paranormal experiences during their stay. Who are the spirits that still linger within its walls? 

Join us as we delve into the dark history and spine-tingling encounters of San Antonio Haunted Hotels. Are you brave enough to book a room and experience the paranormal activity for yourself?