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Dare to enter the realm of the supernatural in haunted San Antonio. At Ghost Tours San Antonio, we guide you into the chilling heart of our city’s haunted past and its ghostly legends. Equipped with state-of-the-art ghost-hunting equipment, you’ll be prepared for any spectral sightings.

Our top-notch storytellers, versed in haunted history and ghostly legends, ensure your adventure is filled with laughter, fun, and a good dose of paranormal suspense. Are you ready to face the shadows with Ghost Tours San Antonio and become a ghost hunter?


Engage with the Unseen with Ghost Tours San Antonio

Be a Ghost Hunter with Ghost Tours San Antonio!

Be a Ghost Hunter in downtown San Antonio! Instead of simply hearing stories about spirits, get hands-on with our ghost hunting equipment and interact with the paranormal. We provide professional-grade EMF detectors and dowsing rods, ensuring you’re ready for any ghostly encounters.

Sign up for a tour with Ghost Tours San Antonio, and we’ll introduce you to essential ghost-hunting apps for your phone through a thank-you note, complete with app recommendations for your ghost tour adventure.

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Uncover Haunted San Antonio with Ghost Tours San Antonio

Prepare for a paranormal activity San Antonio adventure like no other. Our Ghost Tours are not your average history lessons. They’re immersive experiences that transform you into a full-fledged ghost hunter for the night, guiding you through the city’s spectral secrets.

Venture with us into dark corners of the most haunted locations in downtown San Antonio, such as the storied shadows of San Fernando Cathedral and the spine-chilling Bexar County Jail. These places brim with eerie tales and phantom encounters. Experience this unforgettable haunted history adventure with Ghost Tours San Antonio.

An Exploration of Ghostly Grounds

Venture with us into the dark corners of the most haunted locations in downtown San Antonio. From the storied shadows of San Fernando Cathedral to the spine-chilling Bexar County Jail, these places are brimming with eerie tales and phantom encounters. Experience this unforgettable adventure with Ghost Tours San Antonio.

The Ghost Tours San Antonio Experience

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Laughter and Shivers Guaranteed

Our ghost tours offer more than just walks in the dark. They’re interactive ghost tour experiences where you’ll laugh, shudder, gasp, and learn. With accomplished storytellers leading each tour, you’ll unravel San Antonio haunted hotels, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained whispers, all while laughing at the perfect touch of humor.

Why Choose Ghost Tours San Antonio?

A Supernatural Adventure Like No Other

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Seeking a supernatural adventure like no other? Look no further. We proudly offer the most entertaining, comprehensive ghost tours in San Antonio. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult interested in haunted history, our tours cater to everyone. Dive into ghost stories that’ll last a lifetime with Ghost Tours San Antonio!

Ghost Tours San Antonio - For All Ages

Whether you’re a teenager seeking a unique, adventurous outing or an adult interested in haunted history and the paranormal, our tours cater to everyone. So, gather your friends, family, or brave it alone – a ghostly adventure awaits with Ghost Tours San Antonio!

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Dive into the hair-raising side of San Antonio. Navigate the spectral world with our ghost-hunting equipment and leave with ghost stories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Ghost Tours San Antonio? Book your tour now!

Ghost Tour Info and Pricing

Adults. $25.00

Children. 5-12 years old. $23.00

Military. $23.00

Ghost Tours in San Antonio Start at 115 Main Plaza West. 

In front of San Fernando Cathedral. In downtown San Antonio.

The Ghost Tour is 90 min long. 

We stop at various sites along the way. Sidewalks; weather and terrain influence the pace.  

The Tour starts @ 8:30 pm on the dot. If you are lost, Call Us at 210-336-7831

Navigate the spectral world with Ghost Tours San Antonio. With tours starting at San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio, be ready to delve into tales from places like Alamo Street Church and other haunted locations. Experience the ghostly legends and paranormal activity San Antonio has hidden in its streets.

The Dark Truth About San Antonio's Other Haunted Places: What They DON'T Want You to Know

Discover the Haunting Charm of San Antonio with Ghost Tours San Antonio

San Antonio is a city rich in history, and, as any seasoned ghost hunter will tell you, history often leaves a spectral imprint. As the sun sets and the city lights begin to twinkle, a different side of San Antonio emerges – a side that’s steeped in ghostly legends and paranormal activity.

With Ghost Tours San Antonio, you're not just a tourist - you're an explorer of the unseen

Armed with our professional-grade ghost hunting equipment, you become a part of the city’s spectral narrative. You don’t just listen to haunted tales; you experience them, feeling the chill of the unknown and the thrill of potential encounters with the city’s spectral inhabitants.

Our ghost tours are meticulously designed to provide an experience that transcends the ordinary. Each location is a piece of a larger puzzle, an integral part of San Antonio’s spooky tapestry. Our top-notch storytellers, steeped in the city’s haunted lore, will guide you through this journey, ensuring an unforgettable balance of thrill, chills, and laughter.

At Ghost Tours San Antonio, we believe in delivering more than just a tour – we deliver an adventure that’s rooted in history and packed with adrenaline. Whether you’re a history buff intrigued by San Antonio’s spectral past, a thrill-seeker craving for a unique nocturnal adventure, or a local looking to rediscover the city from a different perspective, our ghost tours have something to offer for everyone.

Experience the hidden, haunted side of San Antonio with us. Come, delve into the city’s spectral stories and feel the thrill of the chase for the unseen. This isn’t just about ghost tours; this is about opening your senses to a world of mystery and history that waits just beyond the veil. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime with Ghost Tours San Antonio?