Experience the Thrill of the Unknown with San Antonio Ghost Tours

Step into the Unknown: Join us for a Night of Ghost Hunting in San Antonio

San Antonio Ghost Tours you profides an exhilarating adventure into the haunted history of downtown San Antonio. With expert storytelling, true and factual historical insights, and advanced ghost-hunting equipment, you’ll be fully immersed in the spine-tingling tales of gruesome events that have left a supernatural mark on the city.

Discover the History and Mystery of San Antonio on a Ghost Hunting Adventure

You’ll get to explore many different haunted locations while enjoying a leisurely 90-minute walk that covers less than a mile. Plus, with no cheesy or fake stories. You can rest assured that you’ll be getting an authentic glimpse into San Antonio’s chilling past. Join us for a really good time and uncover the secrets of the city’s most haunted sites.

Learn the Dark Secrets of San Antonio's Past with Our Ghost Tour

Get ready; this is a fast pace high-action ghost tour. You will stand in the very place where men, women, and children begged for their lives while having their heads removed for fun and revenge.

Feel the energy from those who remain behind today. These spirits remain from heroes and murderers, along with your average men, women, and children, all with the same thing in common: they are all left to linger behind in death.

Explore the Haunted Side of San Antonio with Our Expert Guides

Our tour guides are well-known ghost hunters and well-educated about San Antonio’s haunted history. 

Whether you’re talking about Fort Sam Houston, The King William Historical Neighborhood, One of San Antonio’s Haunted Bed and Breakfasts, or many of the city’s Historical Buildings. 

Our tour guides have conducted a ghost investigation there.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and spooky way to explore the city, you should check out San Antonio Ghost Tours. We bring ghost-hunting equipment for everyone.

Bloody hands are grabbing at you

San Antonio Ghost Tours Offers A True Ghost Hunting Experience

Unleash Your Inner Explorer: History and Ghost Hunting at Its Best

Whether you’re a seasoned ghost-hunter with your own ghost-hunting equipment or have no experience, we offer something for everyone. 

Our ghost tour will entertain and spook you. Come on, we bring ghost-hunting equipment, and don’t tell goofball stories.

With years of experience, our tour guides know all the best places to ghost hunt and the best stories to tell you while you are there.

Take a unique opportunity to explore the unknown and discover the secrets of the past

Join the Ultimate Adventure: History and Ghost Hunting Combined 

Are you looking to learn more about the haunted history of San Antonio or go out and find some ghosts?

Our ghost tour is a great way to satisfy your curiosity and uncover the mysteries of the supernatural.

We will undoubtedly entertain and educate you no matter your experience level. 

So don’t hesitate to join us for an unforgettable ghost tour experience!

Stroll along the streets and alleys of old San Antonio. Listen to stories and facts that bring the dead back to life. As darkness falls, the dead come alive.

Experience the Thrills and Chills of San Antonio's Spookiest Sights

Explore the Dark Side of San Antonio's Past on on San Antonio Ghost Tours

A person ghost hunting

Come along with San Antonio Ghost Tours. Use our ghost-hunting equipment and prepare to step into the unknown. Some of our guests seem to communicate with the ghost themselves on our ghost tours.

And others use ghost-hunting equipment passed out on the ghost tour to detect the energy from those who remain behind today.

We bring ghost-hunting equipment for everyone on the ghost tour. 

EMF meters help detect changes in electromagnetic frequencies and dowsing rods to find energy.   

Anyone that tells you that having ghost-hunting equipment doesn’t matter!! 
They Don’t Have Any.

Embark on a Spooky Adventure with our Top-notch Tour Guides

People who have come and gone death has come upon them

Ghosts are departed souls who have lived and died.

Then for some reason, they have chosen or even been forced to remain after death. 

Today, it’s believed that the brain’s energy and the spirit’s emotions that make up who we are in life remain after death.

Our ghost tours are known for their accurate and unusual history. We have combined historical knowledge with 30 years of ghost-hunting experience, one of the top ghost tours in the country today.

Brave the Unknown - Book Your Stay at San Antonio's Haunted Hotels Today

Menger Hotel 1936 another San Antonio haunted hotels may be the most famous hotel in San Antonio

Discover the Eerie Secrets of San Antonio’s Most Haunted Hotels

San Antonio is known to have some of the most haunted hotels.

Experience the Thrill of San Antonio’s Haunted Hotels

Be sure to bring your ghost-hunting equipment if staying at one of San Antonio’s haunted hotels. 

Discover the Secrets of the Past: Satisfy Your Curiosity by coming and taking our ghost tour.

Book Your Spot On San Antonio's Best Ghost Tour

A girl asking if you need help

Ghost Tour Info and Pricing

The Ghost Tour Takes 90 min.
The Walk Is Less Than A  Mile.
We Start And End in the Same Location. 

Start Location 115 Main Plaza San Antonio, Tx.

Call Us at 210-336-7831

This Ghost Tour is Entertaining and Educational.

Wear comfortable shoes; bring something to drink and remember a camera. 

We only stand around any one location for a little while.

The Best Part is that you don’t have to walk a mile or more after the Ghost Tour to return to your car! 

A lady deciding it is time to buy her ghost tour ticket

Uncovering the Mysterious Past: History Lovers and Ghost Hunters both like this ghost tour

Adults. $25.00

Children. 5-12 years old. $23.00

Military. $23.00

Things You Should Know About San Antonio Ghost Tours

Voted one of the 10 Best Things to do in San Antonio
by USA Today

We have appeared on all the local TV channels, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, because of the quality of ghost stories you hear on San Antonio Ghost Tours.

  Dallas Morning News Reports I feel like I have been transported into the1980s movie Ghost Busters.

  San Antonio Film Festival. A documentary was done featuring Alamo City Ghost Tours. 

This video was a finalist in the San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project. And the video was selected for the San Antonio Film Festival.

Voted one of the best ghost tours in the country
by Trip Advisor

Voted one of the best ghost tours in the country by Trip Advisor

On Friday the 13th, San Antonio Ghost Tours appeared on the TV show San Antonio Living. 

So we could explain the myths behind why Friday the 13th terrorizes people and is said to be so unlucky.

Due to our many years of ghost tours in San Antonio, Texas.

 Alamo City Ghost Tours and Sea World were the first two attractions chosen to appear on Fox News Daytime @ Nine’s City Trippin’ Edition.

Top-notch storytelling you won’t hear goofball stories

We can be found in all the following publications: Home and Garden Magazine, Texas Monthly, Crisscrossing Texas, Fiesta Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Southern Living, and many others. 

These radio stations have chosen San Antonio Ghost Tours as the featured tour for Halloween.

Rock Station 104.5 – Hip Hop Station 98.5 – Country Station KJ 97 – Old School and R&B Station 96.1 and Hip Hop Station 94.1. 

We are the best ghost tours in San Antonio, Texas. 

Terms Used By Ghost Hunters

Ghost reading ghost hunting terms

Have you ever pondered over the definitions of words used to depict ghost hunting or the vocabulary used to describe a burial ground?
There is an extensive list of all these terms for you to use.

Enjoy the thrill of the unknown with San Antonio Ghost Tours

Hear gruesome tales and use ghost-hunting equipment on the San Antonio Ghost Tour. Enjoy top-notch storytelling as you learn true and factual history about the city’s haunted sites. With no goofball stories, you can trust that this 90-minute walk, less than a mile, will provide an authentic glimpse into the city’s haunted history. Join us for a really good time and discover why these areas and buildings are thought to be haunted today.

Based on 116 reviews
Breeze Louise
Breeze Louise
JR was authentic and was a great story teller. All 4 of my kids ages 8, 10, 13 and 16 were totally enthralled during our entire tour. He knows so much deep history about San Antonio, was entertaining and respectful. Totally recommend his tours to anyone wanting off the cuff history and behind the scenes ghost stories of Old San Antonio, young and old.
Neftali Perez
Neftali Perez
I had originally planned to take a different tour with another company, but since there wasn't enough space for all my family I couldn't and boy was I glad! My cousin found Alamo City Ghost Tours through a Google search. JR was super nice, he has an amazing voice, he tells it how it is and not only tells you a lot of creepy stories, but shares a lot of history and adds some good puns and jokes into the mix ! My parents and my older brother are not easily amused and they enjoyed the tour so much they talked about it when we got back to our airbnb and they were still talking about it when we were on our way back to Fort Worth. My 18 year old brother and teenage cousins also enjoyed it very much and thats saying a lot because not one of them likes walking for long periodsof time lol! Aside from the good stories, the tour is super interactive and interesting. If you're wanting to take a ghost tour with family I highly recommend JR!
Savannah Robertson
Savannah Robertson
Took a tour with my family in town visiting! We all loved our experience. Lots of history and ghost stories shared. Plus our tour guide was very friendly and fun to be around! All 6 of us highly recommend Alamo City Ghost Tours!!
Crystal Sheets
Crystal Sheets
5 stops on the tour. Jesse was phenomenal. He definitely knows how to tell a story and make history interesting. Would sign up for another one of his tours.
Nina Quiroz
Nina Quiroz
My family and I enjoyed the tour and our tour guide Jesse was really great and made the tour fun. We would definitely do it again. Of course with Jesse as our guide.
We went in October 2020 and did this haunted tour it was awesome and suspenseful.
Sophia Salyers
Sophia Salyers
Jesse took us on the San Antonio Pub Crawl tour and he was incredible. Very educational, inclusive with the stories he included and not to mention had some great jokes. We had a small party for our tour and we loved every minute!
Denise thompson
Denise thompson
Great tour and Jesse our tour guide was very informative


San Antonio Ghost Tours

San Antonio Ghost Tours Starts at 115 Main Plaza West. 

The ghost tour begins in front of San Fernando Cathedral. In downtown San Antonio.  

The Tour starts @ 8:30 pm on the dot. If you are lost, call 210-336-7831

You can, but it would be ill-advised. We will only accept you if the tour is not already full.

 Also, note that we may contact all guests who purchased tickets to meet at a different location based on special events in the area. 

Some nights, we might not be out there that night for whatever reason.

Yes, with advanced notice (two business days), most of our tours can accommodate people with disabilities. 

Please remember that San Antonio streets are built on uneven terrain, and the streets and sidewalks can be rough. 

The Ghost Tour is 90 min long. 

We start on time and stop at various sites along the tour—the city’s sidewalks, weather, and terrain influence the pace. 

It’s 15 minutes until the ghost tour starts, and I will never make it. By the starting time of my tour, what do I do?  

Not to worry, just call (1-210-336-7831) and let us know when you think you can get there and we can let you know where the tour will be.

There are a few precious metered parking spaces throughout Downtown San Antonio. After 6 pm, meter parking is free.   Otherwise, we recommend 

1. Parking in a paid lot; there are several near to where the tour starts 

2. Park in one of the parking garages around San Fernando Cathedral.   The address is 115 Main Plaza West, San Antonio, Texas.

You are buying space for a specific time and date, with only a particular space available. You cannot resell your ticket or space. 

We don’t give refunds without a 24-hour notice of cancellation before your tour date.   If you are buying a ticket on the day of the trip, there are no refunds. 

Only Alamo City Ghost Tours can cancel a tour due to bad weather. I agree to observe and obey all posted rules and warnings.

Please reach us at jr@alamocityghosttours.com if you cannot find an answer to your question.