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Ghost hunting at some of San Antonio's most haunted places Voted one of the best things to do in San Antonio by USA Today

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Alamo City Ghost Tours

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Local Ghost Hunters had this to say; we would like to take the time to let everyone including JR know! We have finally completed all three-ghost tours in San Antonio. We are happy to announce The Paranormal Round-Up has chosen Alamo City Ghost Tours. We apologize to JR for showing up unannounced and with an underlying motive. We had to remain fair to all tours by not stating our reason for attending. We wanted to blend in the crowd. We would like to say out of the three tours taken over the last several months one came up front. We would like to share our personal opinions by letting everyone know why the choice was Alamo City Ghost Tours. We are happy to report that this tour covered historical facts, education, spooky ghost stories and local legends. This is what we looked for in a tour for the event. This tour was long yet, offered quite a bit for the money. We were impressed and being investigators ghost tours are not something that we usually attend.

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