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Ghost hunting at some of San Antonio's most haunted places Voted one of the best things to do in San Antonio by USA Today

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We have been voted one of the best ghost tours in America by Trip Advisor

Knowledgeable guides, historical accuracy and a top notch reputation are what have put us at the top of San Antonio's Best Entertainment List for the last 11 years.

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Local Ghost Hunters had this to say; We would like to take the time to let everyone including JR know? We have finally completed all three-ghost tours in San Antonio. We are happy to announce The Paranormal Round-Up has chosen Alamo City Ghost Tours. We apologize to JR for showing up unannounced and with an underlying motive. We had to remain fair to all tours by not stating our reason for attending. We wanted to blend in the crowd. We would like to say out of the three tours taken over the last several months one came up front. We would like to share our personal opinions by letting everyone know why the choice was Alamo City Ghost Tours. We are happy to report that this tour covered historical facts, education, spooky ghost stories and local legends. This is what we looked for in a tour for the event. This tour was long yet, offered quite a bit for the money. We were impressed and being investigators ghost tours are not something that we usually attend.

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Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers

Mar 11, 2016 | No Comments

Body Snatchers or ‘Resurrection Men’ Body Snatchers would snatch human bodies from graveyards, and sometimes deathbeds. Medical students at a New York Hospital were digging up graves to collect cadavers to use in class. Everybody would ignore the body snatching from the graves for the schools use as long as the bodies being snatched were […]

We were chosen as the local Ghost Hunter.

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We were in another documentary it was featuring Alamo City Ghost Tours. This video ended up being a finalist in the San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project. After that it ended up being selected for the San Antonio Film Festival. On Friday the 13th , Alamo City Ghost Tours was asked to appear on the TV […]


  • Ghost Meter Alamo City Ghost Tours

    I took this tour tonight and my wife and I definitely enjoyed it! Our tour guide definitely knew his stuff and was extremely informative. He handed out some ghost hunting gear and explained how to use the gear. He also made it very clear that you may not see anything but there’s always a chance. He handed out dowsing rods and those were very interesting. I have no idea if there’s some trick to them but we were impressed. Overall, we really enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to anyone else. Also, the man has amazing facial hair. I couldn’t in good conscious give a bad review to a guy with a mustache like that. It’s amazing! Great tour.

    - Good Tour. Well worth the money very interesting.

  • Ghost Meter Alamo City Ghost Tours

     I was on your tour Thursday night and was the one talking to you about my school being haunted due to the explosion, and orbs….First, let me say I enjoyed your tour, and would take it again in a heartbeat. Secondly, I caught some “interesting” pictures in the first hanging tree. A few orbs which could be dismissed, but one when you zoom in looks eerily like a skull; you can see eyes and teeth. I’ll attach them as files. The first is the skull picture. It’s at the top left corner and you have to zoom in to see the full skull. The others with the orbs follow. Thanks for the experience.

    - I was on your ghost tour

  • Ghost Meter Alamo City Ghost Tours

    Shirley from Roadside America This is the best ghost tour I’ve been on yet. We got to use the real equipment and see what ghost hunting is all about. They didn’t bring just one piece of equipment — there was enough for all of us to try a few things ourselves. The history and the ghost hunting were excellent. When I got home is when I realized how much I had learned and laughed.

    - Roadside America

  • Ghost Meter Alamo City Ghost Tours

    Dallas Morning News had this to say; I feel as if I have been transported into the 1980’s movie Ghostbusters.

    - Dallas Morning News

The choice of history lovers and ghost hunters alike!!

Tour start time and price.

Start Time 9:00pm (Click on the book now button to see available dates.)
Walking distance is about one mile.
Tour will last about 90 min.
Adults: $15.00 / Children 5-14 $10.00
Groups of 10 or more are discounted
$5.00 per person.

What should you bring?

Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring something to drink. We highly suggest a camera. This is a action packed walking tour. Dress for all weather conditions.

Directions to the ghost hunt.

The ghost tour starts in the passageway to the river walk. Immediately beside the Ripley’s Believe It or Not This is across the street from the Alamo. GPS info: 307 Alamo Plaza. If you are lost call 210-336-7831

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