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 Ghost Tours San Antonio provides an exploration of the city’s dark past. Our ghost tours take a real-world approach to the paranormal without overblown tales or assertions. Using our ghost-hunting gear, you can personally experience the supernatural. 

Ghost Tours San Antonio is the perfect choice for exploring this vibrant city’s mysterious side. Our guides are knowledgeable and know what they are talking about regarding local history. They’ll share fascinating stories that will leave you amused and intrigued. You’ll visit some of the most haunted sites in San Antonio.

Our ghost tour provides an excellent opportunity to explore San Antonio’s haunted history. It caters to all levels of ghost-hunters, from those just looking to learn to those ready to get hands-on and hunt for ghosts. So, no matter your preference, this tour is a great choice!

If you’re looking for an immersive experience, our ghost tour is the perfect choice, as it provides a fully interactive experience and paranormal investigation. 

Instead of simply going for a stroll and hearing stories, you can search for ghosts actively. On the tour, a specialist in the supernatural will assist you with the basics of paranormal investigation and guide you in using fundamental ghost-hunting tools such as EMF meters and other equipment.

We are said to be one of the best-haunted tours because our tours are led by experienced local guides who know the ins and outs of San Antonio. Our stories will give you a glimpse into the history and culture of San Antonio’s wicked past.

Our ghost tours occur after the sun goes down, so be prepared for a 1-1/2 hour walk through Downtown San Antonio in the dark. Throughout the journey, you’ll check out several of the city’s most haunted sites and get a never-to-be-forgotten lesson on haunted history.

Our ghost tours are famous for stirring up unsettled spirits, so you might experience unexplainable sensations or hear inexplicable noises during the tour. People select our haunted tour because it focuses on analyzing supernatural activity and offers a more involved, hands-on experience.

Instead of simply walking around Downtown San Antonio, you’ll master the basics of ghost hunting, investigate some of the most haunted places, and use paranormal investigation equipment.

 Most of the Ghost Tours in San Antonio require walking 1 mile or more to return to the original starting point after being on foot for 90 minutes or longer. That is because the highlights of their ghost tours are where we start our ghost tour. You won’t have to go too far to reach your vehicle at the end of our ghost tour. We start and end our ghost tour in the same location.


See The Haunted Side of Downtown With Our Expert Guides

One such building that stands out is the notorious site of paranormal activity, which is a must-visit for anyone taking the San Antonio Ghost Tours. The light casting a shadow on this building only adds to its spooky allure,

San Antonio Ghost Tours, where you’ll be led through some of the most haunted sites in the city by an expert guide. Our ghost tours are done in the lower part of downtown San Antonio. 

There have been six battles fought door-to-door in this area. Historians say there has been more death per square foot and this area than anywhere in the country because of the vast amounts of sudden death. 

That is why it’s believed that so many spirits haunt the area we do the ghost tour in—making this the most haunted part Of San Antonio. As you walk through the old part of San Antonio, your guide will amuse you with tales of murder, betrayal, and revenge that have occurred in those very spots. 

You’ll feel as if you’re stepping back in time while visually being able to see the area in your mind just as it was at the time the story is portrayed. 

The stories told by your guide are so vivid and detailed that you’ll begin to question whether they are true or simply a part of San Antonio’s rich folklore. Sometimes the hair on your neck will stand on end as you listen to the chilling accounts of San Antonio’s past events. 

While on this tour, you’ll not only learn about the dark history of San Antonio but also experience the city’s rich cultural heritage. You’ll see some of the most out-of-the-way places downtown and learn about their significance to its haunted history. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for San Antonio’s unique blend of cultures and a deeper understanding of its haunted past.

So, gather your courage and join the San Antonio Ghost Tours for an unforgettable experience. You never know what you might encounter on this mysterious journey through the city’s past. The stories you hear may stay with you long after the tour ends, but they will also provide a newfound appreciation for San Antonio’s rich history and culture.

Ghost Tours San Antonio Explore The Haunted History of San Antonio

Have you ever heard of ghost hunting on Ghost Tours? 

If so, then you might be wondering what ghost-hunting is.

This is a description of a visitor’s experience during one of our ghost tours provided by one of our guests.

Around half past eight, the group arrived for the ghost tour. We were there for various reasons – while some were intrigued by the supernatural, others wished to experience the excitement of venturing into haunted areas. What we all had in common, however, was an air of anticipation and excitement.

The seasoned professional tour guide conducted a group through San Antonio’s downtown area for over three decades. We brought equipment ranging from EMF detectors to digital voice recorders in the hopes of documenting any possible supernatural occurrences.

Gazing through the windows of the Governor’s Palace, a sudden drop in temperature caused a chill to rush down my back. Our ghost tour guide directed us to a corner of the room where we noticed a shadow of a lady in a dress, a dark shape that seemed to be gazing at us. Then all of a sudden, just like that, it was gone.

For the following 60 minutes, we strolled around the downtown district, discovering a host of peculiar and inexplicable occurrences. We managed to get EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) on our cell phones.

What is the basic description of a ghost? 

A person ghost hunting using an EMF Meter.

One might ask, what is a general explanation of a ghost?

Stories about ghosts have been told for centuries and have become a topic of discussion for those interested in the paranormal. They are often depicted in horror movies and are a source of intrigue.

The spirit or soul of a deceased individual that has not gone to the hereafter is generally referred to as a ghost.

Apparitions of these entities are frequently represented as ghostly figures that become visible in mysterious places such as graveyards, old buildings, and forgotten homes.

Many theories concern ghosts and what could have caused them to appear. Some believe their presence is due to tragic events or violent deaths. Others, however, think that ghosts are created from unfinished business or emotions that have been left unresolved.

People who’ve taken our ghost tours have recounted remarkable sightings: eerie whispers, apparitions, and cold spots.

When you take our ghost tours, you are provided with ghost-hunting equipment that assists you in picking up and conversing with spirits. EMF meters are necessary for our trips since they sense modifications in electromagnetic fields thought to be stirred up by ghosts.

Our dowsing rods can detect energy, thus allowing you to converse with the spirits in the environment.

Book Your Spot On Our Tour

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Ghost Tour Info and Pricing

Adults. $25.00

Children. 5-12 years old. $23.00

Military. $23.00

Ghost Tours in San Antonio Start at 115 Main Plaza West. 

In front of San Fernando Cathedral. In downtown San Antonio.

The Ghost Tour is 90 min long. 

We start on time and stop at various sites along the Tour—the city’s sidewalks, weather, and terrain influence the pace.  

The Tour starts @ 8:30 pm on the dot. If you are lost, Call Us at 210-336-7831

The Ghost Tour is an ideal choice as you won’t stay in one spot for too long and can take in more of the haunted sites in less time. 

Get ready for a Ghost Tour that you won’t soon forget! This Ghost Tour is ideal for those seeking a thrilling yet informative experience. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, bring a beverage, and bring a camera to capture the memories. It’s the perfect combination of fun and knowledge, so don’t hesitate to join us.

Voted One Of The 10 Best Things To Do / In San Antonio By USA Today

If you hope to have a fantastic experience in San Antonio, Ghost Tours San Antonio is the place to go! USA Today voted it one of the top 10 activities in the area.

Our ghost tours have been praised for their creepy and real ghost stories. They have been highlighted in the media, featuring on all the major US TV networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

The Dallas Morning News likened our tours to the classic 1980s flick Ghost Busters, and this comparison has made our excursions a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

It’s not just us who have recognized Alamo City Ghost Tours. A documentary about them was even chosen as a finalist for the San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project.

The San Antonio Film Festival chose our video, further affirming our status as the most esteemed ghost tour organization.

Book Your Stay At One Of The Haunted Hotels

The Menger Hotel, built in 1859, is a historic landmark located in San Antonio, Texas. The hotel is also known for its ghostly residents. In fact, the Menger Hotel is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the United States.

The City of San Antonio, Texas, is filled with historical stories and numerous accounts of haunted sightings. San Antonio has gained notoriety for its array of haunted hotels, which have been the subject of many strange stories and supernatural sightings. If you’re a fan of the paranormal or love a good tale, these haunted hotels are the perfect place for you.

Visiting one of San Antonio’s haunted hotels can be a unique experience. As you enter the lobby, you may feel a sense of apprehension, wondering what kind of supernatural experiences you may encounter.Be sure to bring the necessary tools for tracking down spirits, like EVP recorders and EMF meters, to catch any evidence of supernatural occurrences potentially.

The historical hotels of San Antonio offer much more than just a place to rest – they are a glimpse into the city’s storied past. Many erected in the 1800s, these buildings have served as a backdrop to some of the most important moments in San Antonio’s history.Visiting one of these time-honored inns will provide a peek into the city’s past and could even uncover a few mysteries that have been hidden for a long time.

If you are interested in learning about the past and the supernatural activity at San Antonio’s haunted hotels, then San Antonio Ghost Tours is the place to go.To gain more information on the eerie lodgings in San Antonio, check out the spooky hotels.

Learn More About San Antonio’s Haunted Hotels

Voted One Of The Best Ghost Tours In The Country By Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor awarded San Antonio Ghost Tours as one of the best-guided tours in the nation in 2009, and recently, it was featured on the TV show San Antonio Living. I am ecstatic to be able to share this news.

We felt privileged to have the chance to disprove the legends that have grown up around Friday the 13th and explain why so many people are fearful of it being an ill-fated day.

We are the ideal choice for the show due to our expertise in providing ghost tours in San Antonio, Texas. Our long tenure in this field has enabled us to comprehensively comprehend the supernatural and its consequences on people’s lives.

The San Antonio Ghost Tours group felt honored to have been selected as one of the attractions for Fox News Daytime @ Nine’s City Trippin’ Edition.


Tours offer a unique perspective on the history and hauntings of the area

Ghost looking into crystal ball. While reading ghost hunting terms.

Jargon Utilized by Paranormal Investigators

Have you ever pondered the significance of words like EVP, EMF, or orbs? How about expressions such as necropolis, catacomb, or mausoleum? These are only a handful of the numerous terms used to describe these fields.

For authors, paranormal investigators, or people intrigued by the supernatural, looking into the terminology used to refer to these topics can be captivating.

The next time you find yourself faced with a term such as ectoplasm or sepulcher, take a moment to contemplate its meaning and importance. Who knows what secrets await you?

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Top-Notch Storytelling You Won't Hear No Goofball Stories

Our distinctive narrative style separates us from other tours. Our competent guides will not tell any outlandish stories. We take pride in conveying the history and legends of San Antonio’s spooky past to our visitors.

Various periodicals, including Home and Garden Magazine, Texas Monthly, Crisscrossing Texas, Fiesta Magazine, Dallas Morning News, and Southern Living, have documented our sightseeing packages.

San Antonio, Texas’s premier ghost tour, has been noted by popular radio stations like Rock Station 104.5, 98.5 Hip Hop Station, KJ 97 Country Station, 96.1 Old School and R&B Station, and 94.1 Hip Hop Station.

Book your tour today and see why San Antonio Ghost Tours is the best in the business!

While in San Antonio enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

If you want a thrilling adventure, take a Ghost Tour in San Antonio! It begins at 115 Main Plaza West, in front of the historic San Fernando Cathedral. The building, erected in the 18th century, is famously known as one of the most haunted spots around Texas. This tour offers a great way to explore the city’s fascinating past and get your blood racing simultaneously.

Your adventure doesn’t end there! Stroll through the downtown area of San Antonio and hear your guide’s spine-chilling tales of paranormal activity and ghost sightings. Uncover the frightening stories of the old jail and other haunted historic sites. 

At 8:30 pm, the tour begins, so make sure to arrive on schedule. If you have any issues or inquiries, dial the tour line at 210-336-7831. San Antonio natives and visitors can enjoy a night on the town with Ghost Tours in San Antonio! Bring your friends, family, or special someone for a remarkable adventure!