San Antonio’s Most Interesting Ghost Tour

San Antonio ghost tour ghost stories and ghost hunting. Take a walk on the darker side and join us in ghost hunting and storytelling on the most entertaining ghost tour in San Antonio. We will take a walk back in time and visit the exact locations of some of the most horrific acts of violence from San Antonio’s cruel and wicked past. Hear the blood curdling stories and ghostly happenings that take place here today. We bring Ghost Hunting on the ghost tour. Everybody on our tour gets ghost hunting equipment, EMF meters to detect changes in electromagnetic frequencies, digital thermometers to detect cold spots, dowsing rods to find energy. Such as the energy created by a ghost are passed out on the ghost tour. Ghosts are not only detected with the ghost hunting equipment! Our guests say they get goose bumps all over their bodies, some say they are touched and even pushed at times. Photographs showing faces or full bodied apparitions are not that unusual. Sometimes people say they hear a whispering in their ears. Ghost Tours Daily at 9:00pm Adults $15 Children 5-14 $10. Groups of ten or more get $5.00 off. learn more 

Haunted Jail and Village Tour. Haunted Jail And Village Tour. Ghost hunting in what just might be one of the creepiest places in Texas. Everybody wants to go in places where murders and different horrific crimes have taken place. We are doing just that, how about an old jail where they hung those murders and criminals who have committed horrific crimes against the innocent. This is not one of those tours were you walk around the lobby of a hotel. The chance to ghost hunt in the Gonzalez Jail is an experience you won’t forget. After that we are going to Pioneer Village this is truly a haunted village we are allowed access to ghost hunt. Not only are these historic buildings they are haunted as well. Use our ghost hunting equipment; we will have plenty or if you prefer bring your own. This is real ghost hunting at its best. If you have ever wanted a chance to truly ghost hunt inside of haunted buildings this is the tour for you. The tour takes six hours in total. This includes your seat on an executive bus; the ride to Gonzales and back, the private driver so we can safely party on our ride to and from Gonzales and all the entrance fees for having these places open to our private group. We will also be giving chances to win ghost hunting equipment and other prizes along the way.

Cave and Haunted Inn Tour. Cave and Haunted Inn Tour. Old caves are just a great place to ghost hunt... The cave is 126 steps down into the ground it is like walking eight stories deep into the ground. Have you ever felt what it feels like to sit in total darkness in a cave? If you are sensitive to energy then this tour should be particularly inviting to you. There is no doubt the grounds above the cave opening are haunted. Join us in finding out who might be below ground nobody knows for sure who or what might lurking in the cover of the cave’s beauty.

San Antonio’s Best Ghost Tour Since 2004. Take a walk on the darker side of San Antonio.