Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel

The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel, located in San Antonio, and is renowned for its haunted history. As one of the most well-known establishments in the area, this Gothic Revival building has stood tall for nearly a century since its construction in 1926. The hotel was named after Emily Morgan, a former indentured servant who gained notoriety for her role in the Texas Revolution. In fact, USA Today ranked this spooky destination as the third most haunted hotel globally in 2015. If you are seeking an experience that blends history with paranormal activity, look no further than the Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel!

Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel What An Adventure

The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotelis shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with stories of paranormal activity and ghost sightings that send shivers down the spine. But did you know that this hotel was a hospital where lobotomy was a common practice at one time? Yes, you heard it right! This historical building has a dark past that some believe still haunts its halls today.

The Emily Morgan Hotel was once home to the Medical Arts Building, where doctors would perform lobotomies on patients suffering from mental health issues. Lobotomy is a surgical procedure that removes parts of the brain to treat mental illness. It was a widely accepted medical practice in the early 1900s and continued until the mid-20th century.

The thought of such a barbaric practice being carried out at the hotel is enough to send chills down your spine. But what’s even more disturbing is that some believe the spirits of those who underwent this procedure still linger in the building. Some guests have reported feeling eerie, while others claim to have seen ghostly apparitions in their rooms.

Despite its dark past, the Emily Morgan Hotel is now a luxurious place to stay, with modern amenities and top-notch service. But for those brave enough to delve into its history, there’s no shortage of spooky stories to uncover. From the ghosts of former patients to the whispers of disembodied voices, this hotel is not for the faint of heart.

In conclusion, the Emily Morgan Hotel’s history as a hospital where lobotomy was a common practice is a dark reminder of the brutal and inhumane treatments that were once considered acceptable in the medical world. And while the hotel may now offer a comfortable and luxurious experience for its guests, it’s hard to ignore the chilling stories that continue to haunt its halls.

Lobotomy Being Performed Not Uncommon Here

Depiction of lobotomy-related hauntings at the Emily Morgan Hotel.

The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel is renowned in Texas for its hauntings, especially on the seventh, ninth, and fourteenth floors. These areas were at one time employed as a psychiatric ward, surgery area, waiting space, and morgue. Guests have reported various paranormal phenomena, such as feeling something cold brush against them, lights flashing in their rooms, and apparitions of nurses pushing gurneys down the hallways. 

The hotel’s swimming pool is rumored to be made from stainless steel, typically found in the operating rooms of medical facilities, which may explain some of the hauntings.

But the haunted history of the Emily Morgan Hotel doesn’t stop there. In addition to haunted sightings, guests have reported experiencing sudden chills and unexplained movements of objects in their rooms. The building was also used as a morgue during World War II, which adds to its eerie atmosphere.

Scary Elevators 

At the Emily Morgan, the elevators are often observed traveling without any passengers inside them, skipping past the requested floor, clinging shut for hours, and making unlisted phone calls. The basement is roped off to anyone who the hotel does not employ due to reports of glowing orbs, disembodied voices, and the smell of burning human flesh.

The Stabbing Death At the Hotel

Representation of the stabbing incident at the Emily Morgan Hotel.

However, many visitors may not know that the hotel is also home to a ghostly presence – that of Elvira Moreno. According to legend, Elvira Moreno was a young woman tragically stabbed in room 810. Her spirit is said to still linger within the walls of the Emily Morgan Hotel today, making it one of the most haunted hotels in the United States.

Guests and staff members alike have reported experiencing strange occurrences throughout the hotel. Many have seen the ghostly figure of a woman dressed in a white gown wandering the halls, only to disappear without a trace. Others have heard unexplained noises, such as footsteps or whispers, coming from empty rooms. Some guests have even claimed to feel a ghostly presence sitting on their beds or touching their hair.

Despite the mysterious nature of these experiences, many visitors are drawn to the Emily Morgan Hotel specifically because of its haunted history. They hope to catch a glimpse of Elvira Moreno’s ghost or experience some other supernatural occurrence. The hotel embraces its haunted reputation.

The Emily Morgan Hotel offers a unique opportunity for those interested in the supernatural to explore its haunted history and potentially make contact with Elvira Moreno’s ghost. While some may be hesitant to stay in a haunted hotel, others find it thrilling to be close to the paranormal. So if you’re looking for an experience during your next trip to San Antonio, check out the haunted Emily Morgan Hotel – but be warned, you may not be alone.

Who Was The Haunted Emily Morgan Named After?

The Emily Morgan Hotel was named after Emily D. West, a free woman of color originally from Connecticut. During the early 19th century, it was customary for women of mixed race to serve as indentured servants for a few years. 

However, things went differently for Emily. Emily West found herself contracted to James Morgan in 1835 as a housekeeper at the New Washington Association’s Hotel in Morgan’s Point, Texas.

The Mexican troops abducted Emily and a group of others.
On April 16, 1836, just a few months into her contract. General Santa Ana, the most renowned Mexican General in history, was responsible for the kidnapping.

The group was then marched to the Mexican army camp at Buffalo Bayou, near present-day Houston, where the Mexican army was regrouping after the fall of the Alamo six weeks prior. The impending battle for Texan independence was on the horizon, but it’s hard to imagine General Santa Ana being concerned.

He was confident in his army’s ability to squash yet another revolt, this time against Sam Houston’s troops.
No one anticipated the outcome of the Battle of San Jacinto, which was known as the squaring-off.

The morning Sam Houston and his men rode into Buffalo Bayou, General Santa Ana was busy. On the early morning of the fight, he strongly liked Emily Morgan and asked her to join him in his tent for some amusement.

Some claim Emily Morgan merely danced for the stern general, while others believe she may have given him a concoction that left him ineffective for the combat.
Moreover, some suggest she was so talented (read between the lines) that she enabled the Texans to gain autonomy within eighteen minutes. Emily West de Zavala was undoubtedly skilled.

After the Texans already had their victory, Santa Ana was discovered under a tree wearing a dressing gown and slippers. (A reminder of how influential people can fall!) Speculation began to spread among the Texan camp that Santa Ana had been attempting to flee the bloody fight by disguising himself as a female.

A British traveler wrote in 1842 that the Battle of San Jacinto was likely lost by the Mexicans due to the influence of a mulatto woman associated with Colonel Morgan. She was in the tent with General Santa Ana when the warning was shouted, “The enemy! The enemy! They come!” She delayed Santa Ana so much that it was difficult to restore order.


Despite the Texans’ victory, Emily Morgan was stuck in Texas. Her papers, including her passport, which identified her as a freed person, had been lost during her capture. During slavery, she could not go anywhere without the proper documents.

For Emily Morgan to keep traveling, Major Isaac Moreland, the commander of the Galveston forces, had to vouch for her. Records show that after Moreland made a statement on her behalf, she was on a train to New York in March of 1837.

The mid-nineteenth century song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, resurrected the fame of Emily’s heroism regarding the Texas Independence. Although the connection between Emily and the song has been discredited, many still sing the hymn and contend that the words were about her. The last line of the chorus reads: But the Yellow Rose of Texas surpasses the beauties of Tennessee.

A Guest Shares Her Experience of Spending A Night In The Old Hospital

Sarah stood before the Emily Morgan Hotel as the sun descended below the horizon. It was a beautiful building with grand arches and decorative scrollwork, but something eerie about it made her shiver. She had always been fascinated by paranormal stories, and she couldn’t resist the lure of the third spookiest hotel in the world.

Sarah had read all about the history of the Emily Morgan. It had started as a medical center in the early 1900s, and over the years, it had become known as a place of paranormal activity. Tales of apparitions roaming the halls and mysterious orbs dancing through the air had piqued her interest, and she was determined to see for herself if the rumors were true.

As Sarah stepped through the ornate doors, she felt a chill run down her spine. The lobby was grand, with high ceilings and polished marble floors. But an eerie silence hung in the air, broken only by the soft tapping of her heels on the ground. She went to the front desk, where a friendly receptionist greeted her.

“Welcome to the Emily Morgan Hotel,” the receptionist said with a smile. “How can I assist you?” “I’m here to stay the night,” Sarah replied, trying to sound brave despite her heart pounding.

“Ah, an excellent choice,” the receptionist said. “We have plenty of rooms available. But I must warn you, this hotel is known for its ghostly visitors. Are you sure you’re up for it?” Sarah nodded, trying to hide her excitement. She was more than up for it.

As Sarah settled into her room, she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her. She shrugged it off, telling herself that it was just her imagination. But as the night wore on, Sarah heard strange noises outside her door and saw shadows moving across the walls. She tried to tell herself that it was just the wind or the creaking of old pipes, but deep down, she knew something paranormal was happening.

Sarah checked out of the Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel the following day, feeling exhilarated and spooked. The stories she had heard were true – the hotel was indeed haunted. As she walked away, she couldn’t help but wonder what secrets The Haunted Emily Morgan Hotel held and what other experiences lay in store for those brave enough to stay there.