Haunted Alamo Street Theater

Alamo Street Theatre at the time this picture was taken it was franks

The Alamo Street Theater is said to be the home of many different spirits. This gorgeous former church building is a stone block and brick structure with stained-glass windows that have been admired by all who have owned the property. It was initially built in 1912 and served as the Alamo Methodist Church for 56 years before it was abandoned. Bill Larsen and his wife bought the property in 1976 and changed it into a restaurant and theater. The lower floor was turned into the Green Room Dinner Theater, and the main floor was converted into a performance theatre. They also showcased original films and traditional play productions.

It is said that many of the buildings along the San Antonio River Walk are haunted, and Alamo Street Theater is one of them. The spirits of an actress, a former Methodist founding church member, and a maid are said to inhabit the building. There have also been reports of a spirit attached to a wheelchair, a gentle female spirit wearing a long dress, a boy named Eddie, a well-dressed gentleman, and a seamstress named Henrietta. People have experienced paranormal activity in the building, and it is said to still be haunted tod

Miss Margret

It’s always thrilling to hear about a good ghost story, and the tale of Miss Margrett Ghost at the Alamo Street Theater will give you goosebumps! The people who work there have reported a unique perfume that seems to linger in the air even when no one is around. They’re convinced that it’s the scent of Miss Margrett Ghost, who is said to haunt the theater to this day.

Even more interesting is that guests who have caught a whiff of the fragrance describe it as an odor that their grandmothers would wear. It’s a scent reminiscent of rosewater or something a little old lady would wear. It’s almost as if Miss Margrett Ghost is trying to make her presence known to all, and what better way than through a scent that evokes memories of our dear grandmothers?

If you love a good mystery, Learn more about Miss Margrett Ghost and the history behind her. If you ever get the chance to visit the Alamo Street Theater, keep an eye out for any signs of Miss Margrett Ghost and her unmistakable perfume! It’s fascinating to think that even in death, she’s still making her presence feel unique. Learn words ghost hunters use.

History of Miss Margrett

A nighttime view of the reputedly haunted house of Miss Margret, part of the Alamo Street Theater, featuring the house's illuminated entrance with a classic architectural style.
The home of Miss Margrett she haunts the Alamo Street Theatre

Are you ready to hear a chilling story? Let me tell you about the ghost of Margaret Gething. She is believed to haunt the old church in San Antonio, and her story is fascinating and eerie. Margaret was a society girl who dedicated her time to the Red Cross during World War II. Her adventurous spirit led her to New York, where she chased her dream of becoming an actress. Can you imagine performing on Broadway alongside Clark Gable? But eventually, Margaret returned to San Antonio, where she became an interior designer. Her talent and passion for design made her stand out, and she even became the President of the King William Association. 

But why is Margaret’s spirit still haunting the building? Some say she loved that place so much that she never wanted to leave. Others believe that her tragic death keeps her tied to the building. Regardless of the reason, many people have reported seeing her ghostly figure roaming around the halls. Some say they’ve heard footsteps when no one was there or felt a sudden cold breeze. But what’s even creepier is that Margaret’s ghost is said to be friendly. She has been described as a kind and warm presence, almost like a guardian angel watching over the building. 

It’s incredible that Margaret’s story still continues even after her death. She was a woman who lived life to the fullest, chasing her dreams and impacting her community. Her ghostly presence has become a part of San Antonio’s history and adds to its charm and mystery. So if you ever find yourself in the area, don’t be afraid to visit the building where Margaret’s ghost resides. You might feel her friendly presence watching over you.

Mischievous Ghost At The Alamo Street Theater

It was a quiet evening at the buffet restaurant, and the waitpeople were busy serving their customers. Among them was a waiter carrying an older woman’s plate from the buffet. He walked cautiously, balancing the plate with his hands and making sure not to spill any food. However, little did he know that something sinister was about to happen. Suddenly, he felt a strange force pulling the plate away from his grasp, and before he could react, the dish was yanked away from him and smashed on the ground.

The waiter was taken aback by what had just happened. He insisted that he did not let go of the plate and that something else had caused it to slip from his hands. The other servers rushed to see what had happened, and they, too, were shocked to see the million tiny pieces of the broken dish scattered on the ground. Nobody could explain what happened, but everyone knew something strange had occurred.

Some people whispered that a ghost had caused the incident, while others thought it was just a freak accident. But for the waiter carrying the plate, it was a terrifying experience he would never forget. From that day on, he was extra careful while serving his customers, always watching for any unknown forces that might try to snatch away his plates.

A little Boy Named Eddie

The Alamo Street Theater in way before the Menger Hotel was even talking about being haunted. This old church was already talking about the most notorious spirit that haunts this place, none other than Eddie, a little boy attached to a wheelchair. Eddie is known for being mischievous and loves playing pranks on people. If you feel someone poking you in the back or hear things moving around, it’s Eddie having fun. 

The eerie atmosphere of the Alamo Street Theater is what makes it so unique. You can feel the presence of something beyond the living world as you walk through the inside . It’s no surprise that this place has become a favorite for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts from all over the world. Many have tried to communicate with Eddie, and some have even claimed to have captured his voice on their audio recorders. 

The Alamo Street Theater is a must-visit for anyone who loves thrill and adventure. But beware, Eddie, might give you a little scare or two during your visit. So, come prepared to witness the supernatural and experience something you will remember.

Strange things start as the sun sets on the Haunted Alamo Street Theater. Whispers can be heard in the darkness, and footsteps echo through the empty halls. Many believe that the ghost of Eddie, a little boy who came attached to a wheelchair, still haunts the theatre. Eddie is said to have had a special fondness for Ms. Sotello, who used to work in the building’s kitchen before becoming its General Manager.

Every morning, Sotello would arrive early to prepare bread and muffins for the day. However, Eddie would play a naughty game and turn off the oven as soon as she turned her back. Sotello would tell him off, but it seemed that Eddie couldn’t resist pulling his prank daily. That was until Sotello finally put her foot down and demanded that he stop. Perhaps it was the power of her words, or Eddie finally saw how much his behavior was causing her inconvenience. Either way, he stopped turning off the oven for the rest of the day.

Despite Eddie’s playful antics, many believe his spirit still lingers in the theatre. Visitors have reported strange occurrences, such as unexplained noises and sudden temperature drops. Some even claim to have seen his ghostly figure lurking in the shadows. Whether or not Eddie’s ghost still haunts the theatre, his memory lives on, and his playful personality is remembered fondly by those who knew him.