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As the saying goes, “dead men tell no tales.” Or do they? From its humble beginnings as a Spanish settlement in 1691 to the bloody battle at the Alamo, San Antonio’s history is rich in haunting tales. 

Discover Old San Antonio’s most haunted places and uncover the history that lies waiting for those who dare to enter their doorways.
San Antonio has a rich history. 

A vast part of downtown surrounding the Alamo was land that was the site of one of the most significant wars. 

Many people have seen all sorts of ghosts in San Antonio, including the ghosts of soldiers and their horses. 

We offer the most popular ghost tours in San Antonio. Our Ghost Hunts are known worldwide as good family entertainment. Ghost Hunting isn’t just for kids and family anymore!

We have an A+ rating with the B.B.B., and We Have also been at the top of San Antonio’s best entertainment list for the last 25 years.

 It’s just fun! We were voted one of the top ghost tours in America by TripAdvisor 2009. We have been mentioned in more magazines, books, and newspapers than in San Antonio’s other ghost tours.

To understand why San Antonio is so haunted, a trip through history is necessary. However, this is not a trip through history that you want to take alone. Our tours give you the collective experience of learning about the spooky side of San Antonio’s history but in a fun and engaging format that is guaranteed to thrill you, your family, and your friends.

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Alamo City Ghost Tours operates a complete Guest Services office, open from 7AM-11:30PM, 7 days a week.

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No matter which City you're visiting, Alamo City Ghost Tours reputation as a 5-Star Tour Company is established.

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Military Discounts

We employ and support Veterans - We thank you for your service and are proud to offer you a discount!

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We stand by our Tours

In the VERY rare circumstances where someone isn't 100% satisfied we'll do what we need to do to make it right.

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The best Tour Guides want to work with Alamo City Ghost Tours. You won't find better tour guides in any of our cities.

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We're not just a Ghost Tour company - we're a team of people who love ghost hunting and exploring the paranormal.