Haunted Hotel Gibbs Is Shrouded In Mystery

Hotel Gibbs as a featured location on haunted ghost tours in San Antonio

The Haunted Hotel Gibbs has always been a hot topic of discussion and a source of fascination for many. Its history is shrouded in mystery, with countless ghostly sightings and unexplained events taking place over the years. But recently, something genuinely heart-wrenching occurred, leaving the hotel’s manager, Mr. Cruz, utterly speechless. He witnessed an elderly couple hugging an elevator, their bodies pressed against the walls as if clinging on for dear life. Naturally concerned, he approached them to ask if everything was alright. Then, they revealed the tragic story of their son, who had worked as a maintenance man in the hotel. Sadly, he had met his untimely death while working on the same elevator they were hugging.

The tale of the Haunted Hotel Gibbs has always been one of intrigue and fascination. Still, this latest incident has added a new depth to its eerie history. The fact that the ghostly sightings and unexplained events are linked to a real tragedy is chilling and profoundly moving. It’s strange to think that we can be drawn to something inherently sad, but that’s just the power of the supernatural. The Haunted Hotel Gibbs has become more than just a spooky legend; it’s now a real-life reminder of the fragility of life and the pain that comes with loss.

Despite the tragedy at the Haunted Hotel Gibbs, there is still something undeniably exciting about its eerie history. The fact that it continues to draw in visitors worldwide is a testament to its enduring appeal. Who knows what other ghostly sightings and unexplained events will occur within its walls? The Haunted Hotel Gibbs is a place of mystery and intrigue and will continue to captivate us for many years.

Elevator doors at the haunted Gibbs Hotel.

When you walk into The Haunted Hotel Gibbs, you can’t help but notice its aged atmosphere. After being transformed into a hotel in 2006, many people complimented the property’s traditional allure. An engineer praised the Gibbs building as a journey to the past. It’s an excellent assignment, filled with past events. Even the building’s historic elevators were a primary point of interest. The Haunted Gibbs Hotel was the last building in San Antonio to have elevator operators.

Now, the elevators are out of commission, though some guests have reported seeing the doors close and a billow of a dress skirt slide inside before they close. This has caused the guests to be suspicious of the hotel not revealing information.

The only thing hidden is that the hotel has some ghostly inhabitants. Guests have seen people in old-fashioned clothing walk down the hallways, pass through the walls, or enter the rooms.

A few have even entered their room to find someone already there, but the figure vanishes when they attempt to communicate. Employees also hear disembodied voices and the tapping of shoes.

Why Are There Vaults In The Hallways At The Haunted Hotel Gibbs?

Are you ready to hear a story about the Haunted Hotel Gibbs? This building is not your typical hotel; it has vaults on every floor, which is already enough to make one curious. But what’s even more intriguing is the strange occurrences that have been happening on the fifth  floor. The staff have reported some odd happenings, and guests have claimed to hear the sounds of babies and women crying in the dead of night. Can you imagine what could be causing these eerie noises?

It’s hard to believe that this building was once state of the art when it opened in 1909. It served as a hospital and even had doctor’s offices, which could explain the unsettling sounds that linger within its walls. But why would there be vaults on every floor? What secrets could they be hiding? The mystery behind this building is what makes it so fascinating and terrifying all at once. Who knows, you might just have your own encounter with the other side. But be warned, this hotel is not for the faint-hearted.

History That Dates Back To The Late 1800s

The Haunted Hotel Gibbs is one of the most intriguing places I have ever been to. The hotel has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800s and is filled with fascinating artifacts that guests can explore. One of the most popular attractions at the hotel is an old water pump that sits on the property. People are fascinated by this pump because it is believed to be from the late 1800s and has been perfectly preserved over time.

But the water pump is not the only interesting thing visitors can find at the Gibbs Hotel. In fact, one of the most exciting discoveries happened in 1909 when excavation began on the building and five cannons were discovered in the basement. These cannons were dated back to the Battle of the Alamo, making them incredibly significant and valuable. One of these cannons was even donated to Mary Maverick’s parish church, St. Mark’s Episcopal, and was melted down to create a church bell.

The bell now holds special significance for members of the church because it represents a transformation from something once used as a weapon into a peaceful instrument that brings people together. It’s amazing to think about how these artifacts have been preserved over time and continue to hold such importance today.

However, the Gibbs Hotel is not just known for its artifacts and historical significance. It’s also known for its supernatural activity. Many people believe that the hotel is haunted by the spirit of a white woman who walks the hallways at night. The rumors of this ghost have only added to the hotel’s mystique and intrigue, making it an even more exciting place to visit.

Overall, the Gibbs Hotel is an incredible destination for anyone who loves history, mystery, and adventure. From its old water pump to its historic cannons and haunted hallways, there’s something fascinating around every corner.

The Haunted Hotel Gibbs History

At the new century’s dawn, San Antonio, Texas, had largely eradicated its Wild West status as a wild and rugged town. Despite this, many historic, dilapidated buildings were removed to make way for more modern structures.

The northwest corner of the Alamo compound experienced this fate at the beginning of the 1900s when Colonel C.C. Gibbs took charge and constructed the first high-rise office building. This eight-story tall tower was built of white glazed brick and terra cotta and boasted one of the city’s earliest elevators.

Unfortunately, these elevators are now defunct at the Hotel Gibbs. Gibbs was quite a prosperous man associated with the Southern Pacific Railroad. In 1901, a journalist from The Tammany Times wrote an article concerning Gibbs’ drunkenness while meeting U.S. President McKinley. The article mentioned Gibbs’ former role as a railroad magnate and passenger agent. As narrated by the editor, the account of the gathering between the President and the Colonel was quite amusing.

Gibbs was an affluent man in San Antonio, and his high rise was superseded in the early 1920s when the Emily Morgan Hotel was constructed as the city’s first medical building. The Hotel Gibbs, however, has something none of the other haunted hotels in the area can boast: the Battle of the Alamo’s cannons. It is no secret that this site of bloodshed continues to be remembered centuries later. The Hotel Gibbs offers a unique experience with its fascinating history, architecture, and poten

At The Time Of The Battle Of The Alamo

In 1836, the Alamo compound had been constructed with two-to-four feet thick walls and boasted a large plaza 462 feet by 162 feet. It was equipped with more than one large-scale cannon. The site was a formidable fortress. 

General Santa Ana and his army of nearly 2,000 began their attack on the Alamo on March 6th. He and his troops gathered at the complex’s northwest corner and breached the mission’s exterior walls. Despite the Artillery men’s quarters and the infantry barracks being nearby, the 189 Texans were overpowered. 

The entire Battle lasted 90 minutes, and there was a great deal of bloodshed. The Hotel Gibbs now stands in the area where Colonel William Travis is said to have been shot and killed. Employees report hearing the wailing of fallen soldiers throughout the property.

Following the Alamo: Samuel Maverick Reclaims the Land

The Hotel Gibbs now occupies the site of Maverick’s former residence. Samuel Maverick, a South Carolina native and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, was inclined to buy the land after the Battle of the Alamo. 

He had graduated from Yale University in 1825 and contested a seat in the South Carolina legislature in 1830, but his anti-secession and anti-nullification views led to his loss. Maverick then moved to Georgia, Alabama, and finally Texas in 1835. 

Due to his involvement in the efforts for Texas’ independence from Mexico, Maverick was placed under house arrest by General Martin Perfecto de Cos, General Santa Ana’s right-hand man. 

After his release in December 1835, he served as a delegate to the convention for Texas Independence before the infamous Battle of the Alamo. After hearing of the massacre, he was urged to return to the Alamo and purchase the land where Colonel Travis had perished.

And he built a two-story house on that same spot in 1850. Maverick declared that he wished to live in that location, though it was an irrational inclination since he was one of the few to survive the Alamo massacre. Now, Hotel Gibbs is located on the land where Maverick’s house had been.

Visiting the Haunted Hotel Gibbs

The Haunted Hotel Gibbs in San Antonio is the perfect spot to check out if you’re looking for an eerie hotel experience; it’s filled with the supernatural sounds of cannons, the wailing of men, and the mysterious steps of soldiers who have passed away.