Haunted House Tour

This  is our  ghost hunt inside of one of San Antonio’s oldest homes.

Have you ever wanted to ghost hunt in an old haunted house?  This is your chance,   not only is it known to have ghostly activity it is an active Masonic Lodge no  one knows  who’s foot steps are heard walking the halls  or who remains behind in the basement. Current activity is not uncommon during the tours. From people being touched on their necks, orbs being picked up on camera, uncontrollable crying, and the feeling of the presence of somebody or an unknown energy in the room. We bring ghost hunting equipment for you to use so you can conduct your very own investigation any way you want.   This was the onetime home of a San Antonio doctor and has been a Mason ionic Lodge since the 1950’s. Bring your own equipment or use ours.

Everybody on this ghost hunt  will be required  to sign a no responsibility  waiver.   Nobody knows  what might  follow you home.

After the ghost hunt on the way back to the car, walk through what can only be considered San Antonio’s most beautiful area. See the magnificent homes while enjoying the history, mystery, and ghostly happenings that take place here today.  Have a close and personal experience with whomever you might be picking up in San Antonio’s most haunted and historic neighborhood.  This area was started in the 1850’s some of the homes are the same age as the Menger Hotel and they are older than the Emily Morgan Hotel, Gunter Hotel and all the other haunted locations downtown, all other haunted locations downtown other than the Alamo, the battle was fought about 15 years before this neighborhood was started.

Ghost Hunt Starts @  8:30 pm ( Saturdays  Only  )

Walking distance is about one mile.
Tour will last about 90 min. Cost  $25.00  per person.
Groups of 10 or more are discounted $5.00 per person.
If you have a group of 20 or more and the date you want to come is not available, call or email us and we will try to accommodate you.


Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring something to drink. We highly suggest a camera. This is an area you are going to want pictures of. Dress for all weather conditions. Make sure to bring a camera everybody on this tour will be glad to have a camera. It is one of the best things to ghost hunt with, and there will be a lot of things on this tour you will want to save the memories for many years to come.