After Dark Ghost Tour

Alamo City Ghost Tours offers the: After Dark Ghost Tour: @ 8:30pm.

Due to the amount of screaming people, traffic and very bright lights everywhere you are trying to do a ghost tour downtown, we have started a new tour in downtown’s only historical neighborhood. When we started the ghost tours, downtown was not like today. Downtown was very slow at night it was dark many of the stores on Houston Street were closed it was just a whole another place in those days. It is no longer dark, people are everywhere, cars are beeping their horns and people are yelling it is just not suitable for ghost tours anymore. Come along and join us on a walk in the historic King William Neighborhood.

We found most people that have taken are ghost tours over the last 15 years take ghost tours for the unusual history and the ghost stories are fun but the main reason most people take ghost tours, it is the unusual history and to see areas, buildings and spectacular homes that you wouldn’t get to see on a general walk around the area. On this tour you won’t be walking around the same buildings or the same places that you see if you take a walk with in six blocks of the Alamo.  This ghost tour is done in one of the most beautiful areas in San Antonio and it is also in the downtown area.

The first part of the tour is a walk through the streets of this magnificent neighborhood while hearing about history of the area, the profiles of the people who lived in the homes and of course some ghosts stories.

The second part we pass out ghost hunting equipment and we ghost hunt on the grounds of known a haunted house, it was a doctor’s house built in the late 1800’s. We will ghost hunt on the grounds and around the outside of the house.

This area was started in the 1850’s some of the homes are the same age as the Menger Hotel and they are older than the Emily Morgan Hotel, Gunter Hotel and all the other haunted locations downtown, all other haunted locations downtown other than the Alamo, the battle was fought about 15 years before this neighborhood was started.

The After Dark Ghost Tour is ghost hunting 101 with true and factual history.
Enjoyed by history lovers and ghost hunters alike.

Walk through what can only be considered San Antonio’s most beautiful area. See the magnificent homes while enjoying a floral wonderland. Take a walk back in time, as we bring back to life the stories of San Antonio’s cruel and wicked past. Hear the history, mystery and ghostly happenings that take place here today. We pass out ghost hunting equipment along the way. The same equipment you see used on the most popular ghost hunting shows today. This is so you can have a close and personal experience with whatever we might be picking up in San Antonio’s most haunted and historic neighborhood.

Make sure to bring a camera everybody on this tour will be glad to have a camera. It is one of the best things to ghost hunt with, and there will be a lot of things on this tour you will want to save the memories of. Since its beginning San Antonio has had a dark history. Learn how the events of San Antonio’s colorful past have created the ghost of today. San Antonio is called one of Americas Most Haunted Cities.

Get together your family, friends or co-workers for a fun night in The Historic King William Neighborhood.  Knowledgeable guides, historical accuracy and a top notch reputation are the reason Alamo City Ghost Tours at the top of San Antonio’s best entertainment list.

Reservations are required so we know how much “Ghost Hunting Equipment” to bring each evening.


Walking is about 1 mile and the whole event takes 1.5 hours
Cost: Adults $18.00 Youth 5-12 $13.00
Group Pricing available with 10 or more guest. Groups of 10 or more discounted $5.00 per person.

If you  have a group of  20  or more  and the date you want to come is  not available,  call or email us and  we  will  try to accommodate you.