Scary Things That Left Me With A Spooky Experience

It was late evening summertime. Around thirty was the temperature. An old lady who served us with room services at Menger hotel spoke differently now than in the morning. She sounded a bit nasal as she asked for the used laundry from my friend and began talking about Scary things to do in San Antonio.

She was old tall, and feeble. Dressed in white attire. Before Sam pointed to the dirty laundry, she knew where it was and gathered them in a corner without guidance. 

She went straight out as she left the room, but the door closed without effort. We felt some coldness and unusual feelings surrounding us. A smell with a good strong fragrance also surrounds the room. All seemed scary because of the room’s silence and dusky light. She had a staff, so her face was not visible. Her legs were not visible. Now we both stood in silence.

Some Exciting Tips About Touring A Haunted Place

Touring a haunted place can be an exciting and thrilling experience, but it’s important to do so safely and respectfully. Unfortunately, many tourists make mistakes that can lead to negative consequences for themselves and the location they’re visiting. Here are some common mistakes tourists make when visiting haunted places in San Antonio and how to avoid them. Moreover, learn about top 10 haunted places in San Antonio.

List Of Some Common Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting Haunted Places:

Going Alone: 

Touring a haunted place alone can be dangerous, and it’s always recommended to have a companion, whether a friend or a professional guide. The guide provides safety in an emergency and allows for a second opinion and a different perspective on any paranormal activity that one may encounter.

Disrespecting the Location: 

Many people visit haunted places to disturb or disrespect the spirits that are said to reside there. This can lead to negative consequences for the individual and the location itself. It’s important to approach a haunted location with respect and reverence for the history and the spirits that are said to reside there.

Not Researching The Location: 

Not researching the history and background of the location can lead to a lack of understanding and context for any paranormal activity that may be encountered. It’s important to apprehend a location’s history and background before visiting to understand better what might be discovered.

Touching Or Taking Artefacts: 

Many haunted locations have historical artefacts on display or in storage. Touching or taking these artefacts can be disrespectful and may also be illegal. It’s important to respect the artefacts and any rules regarding their handling.

Not Being Prepared: 

Not being prepared for the physical and emotional demands of a haunted tour can lead to discomfort or even injury. It’s important to be physically and emotionally prepared for a haunted tour and bring necessary items such as water and a flashlight.

Need To Follow The Rules: 

Many haunted locations have rules and guidelines for visitors, such as not using flash photography or not entering certain areas. Follow these rules to avoid negative consequences. Following all rules and guidelines is important to ensure a safe and respectful visit.

Not Respecting The Dead: 

Many haunted places in San Antonio have a historical background associated with the dead. Not respecting their memory and legacy can lead to negative consequences and be considered disrespectful. It’s important to remember that the spirits that are said to reside in a haunted location were once living people, and they deserve respect and reverence.

Need To Understand The Culture And Beliefs: 

Many haunted places in San Antonio have a cultural and spiritual significance, and not understanding or respecting the beliefs and practices associated with the location can be disrespectful. It’s important to understand a location’s cultural and spiritual significance and respect the beliefs and practices of the people associated with it.

In conclusion, touring a haunted place can be an exciting and thrilling experience, but it’s important to do so safely and respectfully. By avoiding these common mistakes, tourists can ensure a safe and respectful visit to a haunted location.

It’s also important to remember that these places are not just for entertainment; they are also a part of history, culture, and the legacy of the people who lived there. Always be respectful and considerate of the spirits, artefacts, culture, and people associated with the location.

Why Is A Guide Important For A Ghost Trip?

Safety: Professional paranormal investigators have the equipment and training to navigate potentially dangerous situations in a haunted location safely.

Experience: They have experience dealing with the supernatural and know how to handle unexpected occurrences.

Knowledge: They know the history and background of the location, which can provide valuable context for any paranormal activity.

Objectivity: They can provide an objective perspective on any paranormal activity, as they are not emotionally invested in the outcome of the investigation.

Evidence: They have the equipment and skills to gather and analyze evidence of paranormal activity, such as video and audio recordings.

Communication: They can communicate with spirits and entities, which can help to provide answers and closure.

Protection: They know how to protect themselves and others from any negative energies or entities that may be present.

Proper equipment: They have access to specialized equipment such as EMF detectors, thermal cameras, and other tools that can help detect paranormal activity

Expertise: They have expertise in analyzing and interpreting data collected during an investigation, which can help to provide a clearer understanding of what is happening.

Professionalism: They are professional, handle the investigation respectfully and ethically, and handle the collected evidence with utmost care and confidentiality.

Explore the haunted history of San Antonio and California with a visit to the Alamo, a historic site said to be haunted by the spirits of soldiers who died there in 1836. Take a tour of some of the city’s most haunted locations, such as the Menger Hotel, the Emily Morgan Hotel, and the Spanish Governor’s Palace. Pay your respects to the early settlers of San Antonio at the city cemetery, where many believe the spirits of soldiers, politicians, and criminals still linger.

In California, visit the Winchester Mystery House, a mansion with architectural oddities and a reputation for being haunted by those killed by Winchester rifles. Lastly, journey into the past with a visit to the Catacombs, an 18th-century network of underground tunnels and rooms used for burials and said to be haunted by the spirits of the deceased.

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