Have Goose Bumps As You Tour San Antonio Haunted Hotel

Are you afraid of haunted places? Or do you want to visit and have an experience? If later is your choice, we will assist you in having an unforgettable supernatural experience—a few points to keep in mind before you plan for a ghost tour to San Antonio haunted hotel.

When you begin, the initial step is to proceed one by one so that you have the right professional to guide you. Hence, start by searching for a specialist. Before we move on to the list of haunted hotels, we will share the steps necessary to find the best guide for haunted tours near me in San Antonio. 

Step 1 – Use your smartphone to browse the professionals near you, and they can assist you.

Step 2 – Please prepare a list of the experts with a good track record and who have been in the industry for years. 

Step 3 – Once you shortlist the names, check the track record and ask them about the doubts in your mind.

Step 4 – Schedule your appointment with the professional after everything is clearly understood.

Step 5 – Ensure they are available on the scheduled date so you can make part payment to confirm your tour.

Once you are sure about this point, you may begin reading about the destinations to make the right choice. 

Few Reasons Why A Place Is Haunted

An unhealthy event must have occurred—a war, a crucial accident, a graveyard, and maybe more. Hence there is a history. Now you want to visit, see the place, and know more about the situation as much as possible as the reality is long over. 

No matter the reason, we are here to tell you about one of the best places in San Antonio where you will get a lifetime experience.

Tour With A Guide: Not Alone

We have educated tour guides to help you take a story journey to the spots. Never travel alone. You may have a very shaky experience, so you need someone to help you move out from there. Travel guides are highly aware of such situations.

Since we are working as ghost tour guides, you will feel comfortable with our team while you explore some of the haunted areas. 

The Menger Hotel

It’s a beauty at a glance. Being so beautiful, you may want to stay in the hotel. Well, you must know the story behind the spookiness of the hotel. The spiritual woman Sallie White still lives here.

She worked here as a chambermaid. One day, her husband attacked her outside the hotel. She survived with injury for two days, and then she passed away. She is usually seen by many guests who come there wearing a grey skirt and a bandana, standard in that era, and walking across hall rooms with a pile of clean towels.

When you are walking down the hotel corridors with our tour guides, they will narrate the story in detail. If you stay here overnight, you may come across this spiritual lady of the hotel. 

Another Spiritual body talked about in this hotel is Captain Richard King. He owned the biggest ranches in the world, the King Ranch. The King was also famous for having a personal suite in the hotel.

As he knew his death days were near, he spent more time in this hotel. Here the King wrote his will giving away his vast wealth. He said goodbye to his friends in his suite in this Menger hotel. 

And till date, it is said that people have encountered him on several occasions. So, here is another story of this hotel that will give you Goosebumps and increase your curiosity to dig deeper into the past. 

However, our team can provide accurate data about the incident and the hotel’s history.

The Gunter Hotel

Gunter hotel is an impressive site to behold. It is a tall twelve-story construction flaunting its beauty in the heart of Texas. 

In 1837, a hotel stood on the current Sheraton Gunter Hotel Land just a year after the Alamo war. It went by the name, The Settlement Inn. Some called it The Frontier Inn, but the message was all the same: the owners had been (relatively) unimaginative, and the Inn’s name came from the fact that San Antonio was, in fact, the borderland at the time. 

The Sheraton Gunter is a one-of-the haunted dwelling. Since the 1830s, it has been serving the public as a hotel. It has always been a hotel—though under different management and names—and also mainly because it earned extreme notoriety in 1965 at no fault of its own.

Pride exudes from this twentieth-century hotel, which gladdens all its guests. The hotel’s website brags, “The Sheraton Gunter conserves 1900s grace, aromatizing it with modern amenities to create a special atmosphere where past meets present.”

Remember: While The Sheraton Gunter today stands as one of the numerous stayed-in motels in San Antonio, the 1960s brought different stardom, the gruesome type.

The Emily Morgan Hotel

San Antonio’s Emily Morgan Hotel came in at number four and the best fit for the “demonic” genre of horror films, as the now-hotel was home to a medical center from 1924 to 1976. 

Many statements from Travel Company state that the medical Centre included a psychiatric ward and morgue, which has led to many reports of “odd occurrences with the building’s previous residents.” Emily Morgan Hotel was built on the grounds of the battle at the Long Barracks of the Alamo in 1836, the hotel’s official website says, and over 600 men were killed “very close to the hotel.” 

These are just the basic information that you get to know about it. If you are curious and wish to visit one such San Antonio haunted hotel, consider connecting with Alamo City Ghost Tours. We are here to provide the required assistance and guide you on the tours. Experience the spookiness with a professional team, along with some remarkable memories. 

So, get in touch with us to book an appointment and visit the best-haunted place with an exciting past.

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