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We are one of the oldest ghost tours in San Antonio. 

   Everybody on our tour gets ghost hunting equipment, EMF meters to detect changes in electromagnetic frequencies, digital thermometers to detect cold spots, dowsing rods to find energy. Such as the energy created by a ghost are passed out on the ghost tour.

 Twisted History, Gruesome Tales, and Ghost Hunting

We Bring Ghost Hunting Equipment For Everyone 

Come along and join us on a journey of spine-tingling stories, twisted history and ghost hunting in what are considered to be the most haunted areas in San Antonio.

Walk along the streets and back alleys of downtown while we bring alive the chilling history and mayhem of San Antonio's wicked past pick up and detect the energy from those who remain behind today.

Why are the buildings and areas we visit on the Ghost Tour known to be haunted today? The answer would be the amount of vast and brutal death that has taken place in these very locations.
The tour consists of twisted history, gruesome tales, ghost stories and ghost hunting equipment. We pass out ghost hunting equipment along the way such as EMF detectors to detect the magnetic fields thought to be created by us after death. We bring along dowsing rods which is a real crowdpleaser. We also bring along a spirit box the spirit box is used to communicate with the spirits along the tour route there are times when they will leave you wondering whether they are just a novelty or if it's communicating with the other side. The area the tour starts in and where we walk along the way is where the first battle of The Alamo took place; the battle was fought door to door. Main Plaza and Military Plaza areas both have been known to be haunted since the 1800s. We also visit an old graveyard that the remains have been removed and the graves disturbed. 

They say the best places to ghost hunt are old hospitals, battlefields, graveyards where the graves have been disturbed or removed and areas where vast amounts of death have taken place. Yes, this Ghost Tour offers them all. 

Ghost are not only detected with the ghost hunting equipment our guest say they get goosebumps all over their bodies. Some say they are touched and even pushed at times. Photographs showing faces or full-bodied apparitions are not that unusual. Sometimes people say they hear their names or a whispering in their ears.

Make sure to bring a camera everybody on this tour will be glad to have a camera. 

Tour Starts @  8:30 pm           Sunday - Saturday
Reservations are required, so we know how much
“Ghost Hunting Equipment” to bring each evening.
Walking distance is about one mile.
Tour will last about 90 min. 

Adults $18.00
Children 5-12 $13.00
Military $16.00

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Groups of 10 or more get a fantastic deal, and you get a $5.00 per person discount.  Use the coupon code Group
If you have a group of 20 or more and the date you want to come is not available, call or email us, and we will try to accommodate you.

Main Plaza Ghost Hunt
Starts Here

115 Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205.
We Start Right in front of San Fernando Cathedral   @ 8:45 pm. If you are lost call 210-336-7831

Haunted House Tour  @8:30 pm
On Saturdays Only


Haunted House Tour   @8:30 pm

Have you ever wanted to ghost hunt in an old haunted house?  You now have your chance, not only is it known to have ghostly activity it is an active Masonic Lodge today its members experience paranormal activity regularly.

Join us on Saturday nights for a ghost hunt done inside a haunted house, a doctor’s home built in the late 1880s. We start out at an old haunted church on South Alamo Street in the King William Area. Today this is Frank Hot Dog.  From there we will walk to the second haunted location. That would be a haunted Masonic lodge.

Today the home is an active Masonic Lodge many people have had experiences with spirits that linger from the homes creepy and unusual past. In the early days of the house. In those days this old house was used by the Docter for business. The offices were in the basement. The patients that died in the doctor’s rooms in the house or often at there own homes. Many of them were laid out for viewing in the double parlors on the first floor. The deceased would be taken from the Doctors to there final resting place.  Guest of the House hear pianos playing when nobody’s in the room, people have been known to be touched or even grabbed when no one’s there, voices being picked up on the EVPS and women were either scratched or rubbed on their knecks, come along and see for yourself.
After the ghost hunt on the way back to the car, walk through what can only be considered San Antonio’s most beautiful area. See the magnificent homes while enjoying the history, mystery, and ghostly happenings that take place here today.  Have a close and personal experience on the ghost hunt with who or whatever might be walking with you in San Antonio’s most haunted and historic neighborhood.

This ghost tour takes place in one of the most beautiful areas in San Antonio in Downtown San Antonio. This area started to become prominent in the 1850’s some of the homes are the same age as the Menger Hotel, the Emily Morgan Hotel, and all the other haunted locations downtown, except for the Alamo. The battle was fought only about 15 years before this neighborhood got its start.​
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Reservations are required, so we know how much
“Ghost Hunting Equipment” to bring each evening.
The Tour Starts @ 8:30 pm /Saturdays Only
Walking distance is about one mile.​
Tour will last about 90 min. 
The cost is $25.00 per person

Groups of 10 or more get a fantastic deal, and you get a $5.00 per person discount. Use the coupon code Group
If you have a group of 20 or more and the date you want to come is not available, call or email us, and we will try to accommodate you.

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    "Dallas Morning News had this to say; I feel as if I have been transported into the 1980’s movie Ghostbusters."

    - Dallas Morning News
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    "Shirley from Roadside America This is the best ghost tour I’ve been on yet. We got to use the real equipment and see what ghost hunting is all about. They didn’t bring just one piece of equipment — there was enough for all of us to try a few things ourselves. The history and the ghost hunting were excellent. When I got home is when I realized how much I had learned and laughed."

    - Roadside America